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Single flanged cast iron track & rail wheels are the best choice for transport or indoor track production lines, where loads need to be taken off the floor. The wheels can hold up to 3,000 kg each. Find your wheels here!

Single flanged cast iron track & rail wheels are the best choice for transport or indoor track production lines, where loads need to be taken off the floor. The wheels can hold up to 3,000 kg each. Find your wheels here!

Single flanged cast iron track & rail wheels are the best choices for transport or indoor track production lines, where loads need to be taken off the floor. The wheels can hold up to 3,000 kg each. Find your wheels here!

A Guide To Cast Iron single Flanged Wheels

If you are hoping to acquire Cast iron flanged wheels, then you have stumbled to the right place. This guide will give you an idea of the different facets of a Cast iron flanged wheel. You can carefully consider these factors to determine before purchasing that fits your requirements. This post will entail everything you need to know about cast iron flanged wheels and the features that go with them. 

Custom Flanged Wheels 

One of our main specialties is the production of custom wheels. Don't hesitate to contact us if you are looking for the perfect set of wheels with custom dimensions and bearing capacity. With over 75 years of experiece, we pride ourselves in our custom projects. 

What is a Flanged Wheel?

A flange is a protruding edge or rim on the diameter of a steel wheel intended to hold the wheel on a rail. When transporting loads between fixed locations regularly, rail transportation with flanged wheels is ideal. Loads may include people, raw materials, or finished goods. Metal tracks provide low-friction movement, high-capacity loading, and long-term longevity. They are also self-guiding and do not need the assistance of a driver.

Flanged wheel-rail installations require a different level of precision and design than car or shopping cartwheels. Rubber or plastic tyres are made of lighter materials to provide traction on flat surfaces. Metal wheels used on tracks, on the other hand, depend on precise geometry and engineering to stay on track.

Now we know what a flanged wheel is. Let's see what a single flanged wheel is, and its application.

Single flanged wheels

A wheel with a flange on just one side of its tread is referred to as a single flanged wheel. They are used by most trains and carriages and other heavy and commercial vehicles with fixed axles on truck tracks. In most rail applications, wheels are attached to the axle, meaning that each wheel is covered with one flange to avoid rotation.

Why are flanged wheels necessary?

Why get a flange if it isn't enough to hold a wheel on track? While a wheel may be built to remain on track without a flange, it is essential for protection.

A flange helps keep a train or trolley on track when travelling too far around a curve or when rails are twisted or untrue. Indeed, the high-pitched squealing heard as a train pass is often triggered by the flange scraping against the track. Wheels are designed to rotate as smoothly as possible, and contact with wheel flanges causes unwanted metal-on-metal scratching.

Characteristics of cast iron flanged wheels

These flanged wheels are made of grey cast iron that has been moulded. The final measurements are machined, as well as the 3° tread ascent to the axle. The blue lacquer coating protects against environmental influences. The wheels are exceptionally sideways and peak load resistant. The double-shielded ball bearings are lubricated with long-lasting grease. Temperatures range from -30°C to +120°C. In the case of heat-tolerant use (with high-temp ball bearings) from -30°C to +300°C.

The cast iron flanged wheels, particularly the ball bearing form, have a very high load capacity while meagre rolling resistance. The highly wear- and shock-resistant, as well as impervious to sharp materials. It is essential to consider a higher noise level. When exposed to high temperatures regularly, it is recommended that bearings be lubricated with high-temperature grease regularly.

Benefits of Cast iron flanged wheels From Industrial Wheels 

A robustly designed, industry- Cast iron flanged wheels will entail the following features: 

Maximum Stability
Flange wheels not only remain on track safely, but they are also resistant to lateral and peak pressure, have high load capacities, also for heavy-duty use, and are heat resistant. Industrial Wheels Cast iron flanged wheels can be mounted vertically or horizontally. This not only improves transport safety but also allows the products' advice to be modified accordingly. You will boost the company's efficiency and maximize competitiveness by using efficient and high-quality wheels with wheel flanges.

More Flexible
Industrial Wheels offers a wide range of applications. Their cast-iron flanged wheels have high stability and operational comfort in a variety of applications. A no. of industries can rely on the cast wheel in robust functional conditions for their unique application requirements at any time, particularly under high loads.

High load-bearing capacity 
A flanged wheel is typically used wherever a high and significant load capacity is needed. Industrial Wheels provides its consumers with the option of selecting a flange wheel with a ball bearing or a pure cast wheel with a ball bearing or roller bearing. With load capacities ranging from 250 to 1.500 kilograms per roller, cast wheels without wheel flanges with a ball or roller bearings are available. Contact Industrial Wheels if you need cast iron rollers with an exceptionally high load capacity for your unique use or if the weights you need significantly exceed the roller's load capacity. They will assist you in locating the best option for your needs.

Special Manufacturing Techniques
Industrial Wheels's cutting-edge manufacturing techniques allow the iron flanged wheel assemblies to withstand the rigours of numerous industrial applications and heavy-duty use. Due to heat induction, the flanged iron wheels have much better efficiency. You can MAXIMIZE the life of your machinery and expand the amount of heavy-duty work it can perform for you.

Superior Quality 
These Cast iron flanged wheels are manufactured to the highest manufacturing requirements right here in the country, using robust technology and features. Naturally, they conduct extensive research on the goods they produce before delivering them. As a result, their specialists can fulfil the most complex criteria efficiently and safely.

In Conclusion 

Here we come to a wrap-up; if you need Cast iron flanged wheels, then look no further than Industrial Wheels, as it is an excellent option for you. With Industrial Wheels's cast iron flanged wheels, you can get solid engineering support, even in limited quantities. With a short shipping time, you can have their Cast iron flanged wheels at home in the highest quality available!

You can easily keep your loads on track, With Industrial Wheel's cast iron flanged wheels!

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