Shifting and trailing skates with swivel plate/turntable and connecting bar. Mobilisation made easy -


Shifting and trailing skates with swivel plate/turntable and connecting bar. Mobilisation made easy


Heavy Duty Machine & Container Moving Skates Kit

Konijnenburg at presents an extensive selection of Heavy Duty Machine & Container Moving Skates, meticulously designed to facilitate the safe relocation of bulky apparatus such as machinery and containers. Our shifting skates, synonymous with moving or machinery skates, are engineered to aid in the repositioning or relocation of items too cumbersome to be manually handled. The incorporation of steerable skates allows for effortless navigation of your loads, offering choices capable of accommodating up to 6 or 10-tonne objects. With load capacities extending to 40 kilotonnes, our diverse range ensures you find the perfect set to meet your requirements.

Kit Components & Features

Our Machine Moving Skate set comprises four essential components, each contributing to its efficacy and reliability:

  • Steerable Section: This primary component features a swivel plate/turntable with a bearing for smooth operation and a gripping surface to secure the load.
  • Removable Handle: Attached to the rear for enhanced steering, this handle can be detached for compact storage.
  • Trailing Skates: Comprising two sections that connect via a bar, ensuring synchronous movement and stability. These skates boast a non-slip coating for added load security.

All skates are equipped with polyurethane wheels for durability, and each set is traceable, marked with its maximum lifting capacity and the CE mark for compliance and safety.

Advantages & Customisation

The steering turntable of our Machine & Container Moving Skates ensures unparalleled manoeuvrability, with customisation options available to cater to specific requirements. Explore our range to find moving skates and jacks that set the industry standard in facilitating the smooth, safe transport of hefty equipment. Our skates are not only durable and capable of bearing substantial loads but are also designed for ease of manoeuvre, mitigating equipment damage risks and safeguarding personnel.

Why Choose Konijnenburg's Machine Skates?

Opting for Konijnenburg's Machine Moving Skates and Jacks is an investment in operational efficiency, safety, and productivity for businesses in manufacturing, construction, or logistics. Our products are crafted for maximum durability and load-bearing, easy to manoeuvre, and with safety at the forefront. Discover the difference that high-quality equipment makes in your operations.

Product Selection & Usage

Our skate kits are available in various configurations to accommodate different requirements, with sets comprising rear and steering skates ideal for moving heavy equipment. The ease of use is paramount; simply jack up the load, position the skates, and you're set to move. With capacities allowing for the handling of loads up to 60 tonnes, our skates are versatile and user-friendly.

Considerations & Safety

When selecting moving skates and jacks, it's vital to consider quality, durability, weight capacity, manoeuvrability, safety features, compatibility, ergonomics, versatility, and maintenance. Adhering to these criteria ensures the safe and efficient transport of heavy loads, enhancing operational efficacy and safeguarding personnel.

About Moving Skates

Moving skates are indispensable for transporting heavy loads, designed for ease and efficiency. They are constructed from robust materials like steel, available in various sizes and capacities to suit different needs. These skates facilitate smooth movement across surfaces, making them ideal for use in construction, manufacturing, and logistics. By evenly distributing the load, they minimise the risk of floor or load damage, proving to be an essential tool for any heavy-moving task.

Optimal Usage of Moving Skates

To use moving skates effectively, ensure a clear, obstacle-free surface. Position the skates under the load, aligning with its centre of gravity, and secure them in place. Maintaining a steady pace while moving the load helps prevent accidents and ensures the safety of the load and the surroundings. Always adhere to the manufacturer's guidelines for safe and efficient use.

Capacity & Selection

The weight capacity of moving skates varies, but they are generally capable of handling loads from a few hundred kilograms to several tonnes. Selecting the correct skates for the weight of the load you intend to move is crucial for ensuring a safe and smooth moving process.

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