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A Quick Glance At Grooved Wheels 

Are you a part of a company that might profit from heavy-duty grooved wheels? If that's the case, grooved wheels are essential for your work in the manufacturing or industrial industries. These one-of-a-kind Grooved wheels allow precise material handling and manufacturing while withstanding high temperatures and carrying large load capacities.

All groove wheels are not created equal; if you have heavy loads, then heavy-duty groove wheels will provide more advantages and will assist the company in delivering a successful and accurate production process.

If this excites you to know more about Grooved wheels, a.k.k Double flanged wheels, then scroll down and have a look!!

What are V- groove wheels?

V-groove industrial track wheels are similar to double-flanged wheels, but they have a bevel on the flanges that creates a distinctive V. These wheels are available in various materials, sizes, and bevels. They resemble a yo-yo before being attached to an axel. The wheel's form aids it in settling onto its guide. The rail or rod falls into the V's point and is kept in place by both weight and slope.

V-groove wheels can be driven by simple rods. This form of device is often used in sliding barn or bay doors. These wheels are more likely to operate on inverted angle iron tracks in the factory, where they may be used on hand trucks or production lines. These angle iron tracks are flat metal parts with a protruding ridge down the middle, resembling a mountain rising from a plain. The tracks are attached at grade, with the ridges spaced to accommodate the wheel spacing of the cart or truck.

The industrial track wheels are positioned above grade on the top of the angle; the wheel does not contact the flat piece of track. These devices are helpful in situations where the rail condition is less than optimal. They avoid displacement if there is a slight bend in the track by hugging both sides of the rod or rail.

Best Applications For V-groove double flanged wheels

High-duty V-groove wheels help control heavy loads and allow for precise movement – usually during the manufacturing process. They are helpful in any production line or manufacturing application that requires even weight distribution over a track. They can lead a load of almost any size, with thousands of pounds per wheel.

In addition to carrying hefty loads, V-groove heavy-duty casters allow for precise alignment and manufacturing by avoiding floor debris and achieving near-perfect movement.

Since they can withstand high temperatures, they are often used in conditions where ovens are used, such as soldering or welding. They may also be used to move heavy materials over long distances or transfer a load from one machine to another. They're commonly used on hoist trolleys, conveyor trucks, and other driven industrial applications.

Things to keep in mind when buying grooved wheels

There are several factors to consider before deciding on the best-grooved wheels for your business application. We could talk all day about anything you can think about, but the key points are as follows:

  1. Size of load: It is a basic rule that the more weight your wheels must support, the denser the wheel of your caster must be. Don't forget to divide the total load by the number of casters you'll be using to get the proper load-to-caster ratio.
  2. Ease of roll required: If your things are in regular use, you'll need wheels that are easy to roll. If your wheel-mounted items are difficult to lift, the staff can quickly become fatigued, increasing the risk of injury. If your objects are rarely moved but must be wheel-mounted for when they are, then rolling ease is less critical.
  3. Extreme or unusual environments: The majority of wheels are intended for dry, moderate environments. Work in an environment where environmental conditions, such as damp environments or areas with exceptionally high or shallow temperatures, are problems. You can use wheels that have been specifically engineered to cope with extreme environments.

Double flanged wheels in other materials.

Depending on the application, you might want to choose another material for your Flanged wheel. 

Cast Nylon flanged wheels are great for humid environments. Steel flanged wheels, offer a higher load capacity but are more expensive. Stainless steel flanged made out of AISI 304 or 316 is the ideal solution if you are dealing with humidity, harsh chemical or mineral conditions. The non-cast iron wheels are milled and manufactured according to your needs on request

Features Of Grooved Wheels

Industrial Wheels grooved wheels, a.k.a double-flanged wheels, come up with the following features outlined below:

  • High load-bearing capacity
  • Suitable for every surface 
  • Best for industrial environments

Specifications of Grooved Wheels

  •      Type: Flanged wheels
  •      Wheel centre: cast iron wheel
  •      Tread: cast iron wheel
  •      Bearings:Precision Ball Bearings

Benefits of grooved wheels from Industrial Wheels 

The following are essential benefits of Grooved wheels: 

  1. Best Techniques: Best in class manufacturing techniques that help the wheels and steel caster assemblies withstand the wide range of industrial applications, and Industrial Wheels flanged steel wheels are reinforced further with heat induction. This procedure extends the life of your wheels and increases the amount of hard work they can do for you.
  2. Inventive Look: Using integrated rails, Industrial Wheels flange rail wheels, and track rollers, secure your production floor. The wheels of the cart roll down the tracks rather than hitting the ground.
  3. Multiple Size: Industrial Wheels offers a range of flange fitting sizes ranging from 3 to 15 inches. As a result, these Grooved wheels, a.k.k Double flanged wheels, are highly versatile and can be used interchangeably. You must choose the appropriate size for your needs and adequately manage your equipment.
  4. Maximum Capacity: Industrial Wheels offers industrial track wheels with powerful rigs. The industrial steel flanged wheels carry the heaviest loads possible when installed inadequately sized caster rigs, with a load capacity of 20,000 lbs.

The Bottom Line

We have come to the end of this article, and you got to know everything about grooved wheels. But if you want to buy the best-grooved wheels, then Industrial Wheels is the good option to go for. Industrial Wheels has plenty to offer that will meet your requirements; and provide you with smooth and efficient working!

So if hoping for the best-grooved wheels, then you must try the Industrial Wheel's grooved wheels and then see the result at its best!!

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