Protect your colleagues with our wheel guards! - When Safety and Ergonomics concers are paramount in the workplace -


Protect your colleagues with our wheel guards! - When Safety and Ergonomics concers are paramount in the workplace

Protect your colleagues with our wheel guards! - When Safety and Ergonomics concers are paramount in the workplace


Enhance Workplace Safety with "Foot Protection Guards" / "wheel guards" Custom-Made on Castor Wheels from Konijnenburg Industrial Wheels

In the pursuit of creating safer working environments, especially in sectors where heavy machinery and equipment are in constant motion, the significance of foot protection guards for castor wheels cannot be overstated. These innovative solutions are not only pivotal in preventing foot injuries but also play a crucial role in ensuring the smooth operation of equipment by protecting wheels from large debris.

What Are Foot Protection Guards?

Foot protection guards, or wheel guards, are specially designed attachments for castor wheels. They serve a dual purpose: safeguarding workers' feet from getting injured by moving wheels and preventing damage to the wheels themselves by blocking large debris. Among the various innovations in this field, the spring-loaded castor with foot guard stands out for its ability to maintain a constant distance from the floor, thanks to its parallel guide mechanism, ensuring consistent protection regardless of the terrain.

Our Innovation

All of our foot guard solutions aim at one thing: enhancing safety in the workplace. These solutions are designed to keep wheels and fast-moving objects from causing injuries, thus not only protecting the operators but also minimizing the risk of wheel damage due to unforeseen obstacles. Our range includes plastic, steel, and spring-loaded guards, which can be complemented with cleaning brushes and wipers to remove dirt and debris, thus preserving both the wheel tread and the flooring.

Advantages of Using Castors with Foot Guards

Integrating foot guards into castors offers a plethora of benefits. Notably, the Toe Guard moves larger debris out of the way, enhancing the castor's life span and consequently leading to time and cost savings. Moreover, the inclusion of a Brush Guard adds an extra layer of protection, especially beneficial for harder wheel materials like nylon, which are less effective at repelling debris compared to polyurethane wheels.

Custom Solutions from Konijnenburg IndustrialWheels

Understanding the unique needs of various industries, Konijnenburg IndustrialWheels takes pride in offering custom-made castor wheels tailored to the specific requirements of our OEM customers. Whether it's a unique size, material, or the incorporation of advanced foot protection guards, Konijnenburg's expertise ensures that each castor wheel is designed for optimal performance and safety. 


The integration of foot protection guards in castor wheels is a critical step towards creating safer work environments. With custom solutions from Konijnenburg Industrial Wheels, businesses can benefit from tailored products that meet their specific needs, ensuring both safety and operational efficiency. Invest in the right protection for your workplace today with Konijnenburg.

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