Get a Quick Quote for Your Industrial Wheels and Castors!

The prices in our webshop have been updated. Your discount is calculated when you use one of the following discount codes at the checkout.

€200 - €299 = 15% discount code: 200 €500 - €999 = 25% discount code: 500
€300 - €499 = 20% discount code: 300 €1,000 - €1,490 = 30% discount code: 1000
For a price request over €1,500, customised requests, advice or delivery times please contact us.

Please follow the checklist below: the more information you provide us with, the better our solution will be.

Application of the wheel
  • In what industry do you work?
  • A general description of the use, possibly supported by images and/or sketches, is very useful
  • Do you already use wheels? What wheels do you currently use? 
Load capacity
  • What is the required load per wheel (in kilograms)?
  • How often are you going to use the wheels (once per day / week / year)? 
  • What are the maximum permitted diameters and wheel widths of the wheel/castor? 
Type of (running) surface
  • Does the floor have bumps/level differences? 
  • How humid is the environment/floor?
  • Chemical influences? If so, which? At what concentration?
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