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What is a Flight Case Castor Aka Blue Wheel Castor?

Are you in search of the best flight case castor, aka blue wheel castor? If yes, then we've got you covered with the most reliable information regarding flight case castor from the top manufacturer. Most people usually confuse the term "caster" and "wheel," but these two are not the same devices. The wheel is limited as it only spins on the single axis, whereas castors are pretty more sophisticated items that can spin in multiple directions. The flight cases with castors and wheels are the most recommended choice due to their ease of movement and accessibility. All the equipment cases with wheels tend to come in multiple variants. All these variants list powerful features like heavy-duty wheels or castors that are made from materials like polyurethane.

This was just an intro about fight case castors. To know more about it, make sure to go thoroughly through the entire article that has the best information covered for you!

Why Flight Case Castor?

There are a handful of factors that plays an essential role in deciding whether to fit a blue wheel castor under a flight case or not. Most of the factors usually depend upon personal choice, but flight case castors are generally preferred for heavy flight cases. The main reason behind this preference is that it will make transport a lot easier than before.

Putting blue wheel castor under the flight cases undoubtedly makes things easier, but you should always remember that they also take up more space than before. This means that if your means of transport is restricted in stacking space, you need to consider the excess space that the flight case castor will take up.

When choosing the flight case castor, you can for sure choose either the swivel castors or the fixed castors, with or without brake. Most people usually prefer swivel castors. Our recommendation is to combine these two, i.e., two swivel castors combined with two fixed ones.

Where to attach Blue Wheel Castors?

Have you decided to attach blue wheel castors under your flight case? If yes, then you might be confused regarding- "Where to put flight case castors"? Well, we have got the answer.

While deciding the exact location to attach the blue wheel castors under your flight case, you must consider a few things that really matter. Firstly, the blue wheel castors are not generally put straight on the flight case itself, but they are actually put onto the wheel panel. Apart from this, you must take the stability of your flight case into account. The further to the outside you place the blue wheel castors, the more secured and fixed your flight case will be. In addition to this, if you are transporting your flight case more often in the back of a truck or van, you will definitely want to put it on its sides, and in such a case, the flight case castors must not be too far on the outside.

So, to decide where to put the blue wheel castors onto the flight case, you must take into consideration the three main factors, which are as follows:

  • Tipping has to be pretty easy
  • The flight case must stay as fixed or sturdy as possible while in movement
  • The brake mechanism onto the blue wheel castors has to be straightforwardly accessible with your foot

The last factor is significant to consider, which means that you have to put the flight case castors very close to no less than one side of your flight case. This way, the braking mechanism can swivel far enough from under the flight case and no one can easily put the brakes on and off with their feet.

Applications of Flight Case Castor

Flight case castors are more commonly used with flight cases rigidly designed to protect high value in storage and transit. The flight case castors make it easy for the user to move heavy flight cases that contain musical equipment like guitar, speaker, etc. Since the musical instruments are the commonly used flight case hardware, flight case castors have wide application in all the areas that require the musical setup, i.e., events, festivals, functions, etc. The blue wheel castors are also used with the flight case that carries expensive stage equipment like amplifiers, lighting, etc.

So, if you are involved in any such business that demands you to transit heavy musical instruments from one place to another, you can for sure buy flight case castors to add to your flight cases for ease of movement.

How To Select The Right Flight Case Castor For Your Flight Case?

Flight case castors are offered in multiple types and sizes! Therefore, finding a perfect castor for your flight case is significant because if you choose the wrong castor, you or the other people using your flight case can get injured. Although there isn't any quick formula to help you choose the right castor for your flight case, the information mentioned below will surely help you make the correct decision.

Always consider the following things while selecting the right flight case castor for your flight case!

  • Load Weight and Wheel Size: The first thing to consider is determining the equipment's integrated weight and the maximum load on the equipment. The more the combined weight, the larger the wheel will be required for the castor. This is because larger wheels will distribute the entire weight and roll more effortlessly over the hindrances.

  • Wheel Choices: Another thing to take into consideration is wheel choice. In general, the hard tread wheels perform much better on the soft floors, and soft tread wheels work much better on the rough or hard floors involving the outdoor surfaces. So, while choosing the perfect wheel type, you must always consider the floor conditions like gutters, dock plates, etc. The softer and larger the wheels, the more ability it will have to roll over the rails and other similar hurdles. 
  • Wheel Bearings: Last but not least, you must choose the right wheel bearings for your flight case castors. Multiple types of wheel-bearing options are best suited for a wide variety of applications and uses. So, you must choose the perfect wheel bearing for the better performance of your flight case castors. 

The Bottom Line

This was all about flight case castors! I hope you have now got a proper understanding of what flight case castors, aka blue wheel castors, are! Putting flight case castor at the right place is a very daunting task to do, but by keeping the above-mentioned factors in your mind, you will definitely do it flawlessly. 

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