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Swivel lock types at Industrial Wheels

Depending on your industry, we can create all kinds of locks for your swivel castors. Take a look at the different types of swivel lock brake types and discover the best solution for your industry.

Choosing the right swivel lock type for your industry gives you the best application when it comes to usability, durability and safety. At Industrial Wheels we can create different types of swivel lock types for swivel castors. We will take a look at the different types of swivel lock types and we will advise you on when to choose for each type of swivel lock.

Swivel locks
Swivel locks are used in two ways. When you need to secure your appliance, the swivel lock needs to prevent movement of the wheel, but in some industries, you want to prevent the wheel from turning. In this case, the swivel lock needs to make sure you can move your appliances and loads in a straight line without having to control the direction of the wheel. 

A basic swivel lock usually has notches every ninety degrees, so you can lock it in any direction. If you need to secure the swivels in more directions, we can also create a castor with more notches, so you have more options for securing the direction of the wheel. For light to medium loads, a foot-activated swivel lock will suffice. The operator can easily lock and unlock the castor. With foot-activated swivel locks, it is very easy to move around with equipment and appliance in an ergonomic manner.

Heavy-duty swivel locks
Swivel locks for are used to convert your swivel castors into rigid castors. Moving around with swivel castors is more difficult and costs more energy. Therefore we recommend using these locks, so you can safely move heavy loads.

When you need to move heavy loads over long distances, you don’t have to worry about steering your equipment or materials. To position the load in its exact location, you can easily unlock the swivel castors for maximum manoeuvrability.

Demountable swivel lock
Demountable swivel locks are used for field installation or replacement of swivel locks. To use a demountable swivel lock the swivel castors need to have a notched yoke. These are used for medium or heavy-duty applications like assembly plants or ground support.

Passive swivel lock

A passive swivel lock is ideal for maximum manoeuvrability. Once you need the load to be moved in a straight line the swivel lock plunger will lock the wheel in a certain direction. As soon as you want the swivel castor to rotate, you can easily move the lock sideways to release the plunger.


Vertically mounted swivel lock
Vertically mounted swivel locks give you a more secure locking feature. Therefore we advise using these locks on most heavy-duty applications. These swivel locks are placed out of the way under the yoke of the castor. 

Levelling castors
Sometimes you need equipment to be mobile, but when in place, should be stationary. In this case, levelling castors are the most ideal lock type for your appliances.  Levelling castors have the same characteristics as truck locks. When moving, the wheel touches the surface, but when you need the equipment to be stationary, you can easily activate the brake. This will either protract the wheel or extend a footpad which makes the wheel go off the ground. 

Castors with trailing brake
When selecting or customizing a castor it is possible to choose between a castor with a brake in a trailing direction or a castor with a brake in a non-trailing direction. When you choose a brake in the trailing direction, the brake is placed behind the wheel. A non-trailing or leading brake is placed in front of the wheel. In both cases, the brake locks the wheel and the fork of the castor when activated. 

Fixed castors with brake

You need a swivel castor when you need to move your appliances around, but in some cases, you only need to move equipment or appliances back and forth. In this case, fixed castors with a brake system will suffice. You can easily move your appliances in two directions and secure your equipment once in place. 

We can create the wheel you need

Need a wheel or castor with a specific swivel lock type or other requirements? Feel free to contact us for more information about our bespoke solutions.

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