Swivel, castor and wheel catalogue of IndustrialWheels.com. We can provide you with guide rollers, traction wheels, drive wheels, swivel castors, Vulkollan® polyurethane wheels, rubber wheels and nylon wheels, among others.

Wheels and Castors Configurator(1789 producten)

Use our product configurator to find the perfect wheels and castors. We have all sorts of wheels and castors made from different materials (alloy, inox, rubber, nylon, Vulkollan®) suitable for different situations.

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Furniture Castors(101 producten)

Furniture castors for indoor applications.

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Apparatus Castors(66 producten)

Apparatus castors for institutional applications.

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Guide Rollers & Wheels(45 producten)

Guide rollers and wheels. Resilient and durable.

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Vulkollan Press-on Tyres(41 producten)

Vulkollan press-on tyres. For heavy duty solutions.

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Spring Loaded Castors(4 producten)

Spring loaded & shock absorbing castors to reduce stress and vibration

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Pallet Wheels & Rollers(49 producten)

Pallet wheels and rollers for forklifts and jacks.

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Cast Iron Wheels(3 producten)

Our cast iron wheels can be used for all sorts of heavy industrial applications. These wheels can hold up to 7,025 kg per wheel. Order them here at IndustrialWheels.com

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Vulkollan® Wheels(585 producten)

A full range of Bayer Vulkollan® wheels and tyres of the highest quality is offered by Industrialwheels. Customised Bayer Vulkollan® is available. Please contact us.

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Elastic Rubber Castor Wheels(5 producten)

Heavy duty castor wheels with a 950 kg load capacity. Maximum speed of 16 km/h for road sweepers, snow ploughs, dump collectors and road vacuum cleaners.

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Truck Locks(3 producten)

Floor truck locks - prevent rolling.

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Castors With Twistlock for ISO Freight Containers(4 producten)

We supply ISO freight container castors, towbars, tow castors, revvo wheels, container corners, ISO 1161 corner fittings and intermodal freight containers.

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Industries & Applications(0 producten)

Industrial wheels for every application. Indoor or outdoor, light or heavy. We have, or can create, a mobile solution.

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Pivoting Castor & Wheel Systems(0 producten)

Pivoting axle system with castors for heavy duty support of industrial applications

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Jacking Castors(6 producten)

Our height adjustable jacking castors are designed to facilitate the movement and quick, accurate adjustment of all sorts of equipment.

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Transport Castors(10 producten)

Different freight containers need different transport wheels and castors. That's why at IndustrialWheels.com we offer a wide selection of products. Have a look around!

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Fixed Castor Wheels(10 producten)

Fixed Castor Wheels. For controlled steering.

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Swivel Castors(10 producten)

Swivel castors - all Shapes and sizes

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Bakery Wheels - Heat Resistant(2 producten)

Our wheels for bakery ovens are heat resistant up to 280 ºC. In some business situations, wheels may need to withstand extremely high temperatures. IndustrialWheels are able to supply phenolic wheels for these situations.

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Waste Container Wheels and Castors(8 producten)

At IndustrialWheels.com you can find high quality castors with rubber wheels for use with waste containers.

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Roll Cage & Container Wheels(21 producten)

Our roll cage and container wheels are designed to be extra durable. You can choose from different materials depending on the intended use and type of industry you work in.

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Horticulture Castor Wheels(5 producten)

Horticulture wheels with rubber or polyurethane tread. Perfect for highly demanding environments.

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Aviation Wheels(12 producten)

Our aviation wheels are perfect for all applications in and around airfields. These wheels are heavy duty and can handle up to 6,900 kg.

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Warehouse Cart Wheels(15 producten)

Our warehouse cart wheels are made from different materials and come in varying sizes. We offer a variety of wheels to suit all situations. Have a look around!

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Levelling Castors(6 producten)

Levelling Castors are ideal for applications where precise positioning is required. These castors can handle up to 350 Kg each.

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Bespoke Solutions(0 producten)

Our bespoke wheels and castor solutions

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Get a Quote(0 producten)

Checklist for technical applications, wheels and castors. We will be happy to advise you on the use and application of technical wheels & castors.

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Contact(0 producten)

Contact us for all your questions

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Chemical Resistance(0 producten)

Find out the chemical resistance of our rubber tyres, polyurethane treads or nylon Vulkollan® wheels and tyres here!

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